RV Boat Storage Lot Application Revised 2022

The application form and information/instructions for renting a storage space have been updated. The changes are minor: (1) our association property management company name has been changed to reflect the purchase of Berkeley Realty by Dodson Property Management, and (2) the key lock has been changed to a combination lock. The new documents can be […]

Berkeley Realty Property Management Sold

Dodson Property Management of Richmond has purchased Berkeley Realty Property Management, our association manager for many years. The staff at Berkeley have been retained, and our relationship with Diane Clarcq, our assigned manager, remains in place. The only immediate changes you will notice are name updates to our documents, such as the ARC Application for […]

Volunteers Needed for ARC!

Our community looks great, the clubhouse is clean, the parties are fun, etc., because we have residents willing to help us all out by giving a little time to make them so. Every hour we help is an hour we don’t pay someone else to work or we don’t forfeit for lack of an extra […]